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Posted on Mon Jun 1st, 2020 @ 7:52pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mason Malone & Lieutenant Kevan Dash

Mission: In the Family
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"Chief Malone." Kevan spoke loud enough in the corridor for Mason to be able to hear him. He used a formal means of address, making it clear he was being a bit more serious than usual. He caught up to the other man at a shade quicker than a usual stride. "Can I speak to you about something?"

"Hey Kev," Mason greeted his fellow security officer, "sure, what's wrong?" He could hear the serious note in the officer's voice and wondered what was going on.

Kevan motioned for them to step aside into an empty room.

"It's Lieutenant when I'm in uniform," Kevan corrected. "You know, your conduct on the away mission reflects on both me and Lieutenant Sar, right? I thought the Commander was going to blow his lid at one point."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Lieutenant," Mason answered tightly, "the captain told me to walk around, get friendly with them. It's my job to find out things isn't it? As far as I know I've done nothing wrong so I don't get why you seem pissed with me and get all uptight about rank."

"Before that." Kevan waved his arm dismissively. "Maybe it worked differently for you in the Marine Corps but here in Starfleet you wait for your Commanding Officer to do the talking; you don't jump in and make a scene by asking your own questions. He's the Captain for a reason."

"I made a scene huh? I asked a question, I thought it was encouraged to think for yourself and ask questions if you're thinking of one." Now it was Mason's turn to seem irritated. "I don't know what your problem is Kev, I did nothing wrong. The captain didn't correct me did he? He even encouraged me to walk around and talk to people, he has said nothing about not speaking up." He shook his head. "You need to relax mate."

"I'm not your mate," Kevan snapped back. "All this thinking for yourself gets you in trouble. Mis-judging a situation. Or a person."

"Thinking of myself?" Mason shook his head. "Not partner mate... you made that abundantly clear... But I thought you were my friend, clearly I had that wrong too..." His anger was audible even though he didn't quite raise his voice. "It's an expression... you need to brush up on Human slang..." It was, despite it being very obvious, quite easy to forget someone wasn't Human.

"I'm not talking about that. You might be obsessed with me for whatever reason, but I'm talking about rank and protocol. You're wearing a Starfleet uniform and addressing a superior officer. If you called the Commander 'mate' he would have you thrown out of an airlock!" Kevan threw his hands up in frustration. "I was doing you a favour. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered."

"I don't think he'd have an issue if he and I were friends," Mason objected, "and I'm not obsessed with you. You're the one obsessed with the very idea that there's something between us, which there isn't. You're obsessed with what people might think." Mason shook his head. "Now if you'll excuse me, sir, I do have work to do. I've a report to finish and give to Lieutenant Sar when she returns from her mission. Our discoveries earlier and what we found on that moon. And I think I'll go talk to the duke again, I want to know more about why they act as they do."

"Why, so you can try it on with him, too?" Kevan retorted sarcastically. It was a little childish, but he was so infuriated by the man in front of him he couldn't help it.

Mason arched an eyebrow at the Trill, his eyes a fraction shy of anger. "Excuse me?" He turned away, starting towards the door. "No, I'm not even going to ask what you mean because I don't really want to know. I'm going now, I have work to do."

"I'm sure you do." Kevan shook his head. "Maybe take him down to the holodeck, too. Toss him in some mud and make out with him, too? That's your standard MO with 'friends' isn't it?"

"Careful Kev, before you go too far. You make it seem like I intended for that to happen and I've already apologized for it." Mason continued to walk to the door. "You wanted a workout, I tried to provide one, I did my best anyway. Good day... " The doors opened and he stepped through. "Besides, my private affairs are none of your business," he added.

Kevan was already following him out of the door. "I didn't dismiss you yet, Chief Petty Officer," he insisted. He was never this formal, but Mason was driving him crazy. "Your private affairs are my business when they affect the security of the mission. And as the senior most member of Lt Sar's team, I'm in charge until she gets back." He crossed his arms, feeling confident in his own words. "So...what's your game with the Duke?"

Mason whirled midstride to face him. "My private affairs are just as private as yours," he bit back, "feels to me like all that power's gone to your head and you're taking it out on me. I have no game with the Duke. Captain told me to just get friendly and see what I can find out. While he's a handsome guy yes, I have no feelings for him. I'm just looking to be his friend and maybe he'll tell me something of value that I can report to the captain. Seriously Kev, what is your problem."

"I'm not the one playing games. 'Handsome'? 'Friend'?" Kevan shook his head, face-to-face with the other man. "My problem, right now, is you. Going off like that, playing the lone wolf. Think your good looks and your charm can fix everything."

"You think so hm?" Mason looked him right in the eyes. "Trying to tell me something hm?"

"'re so infuriating..." Kevan gasped. Without warning he grabbed Mason by both sides of his head and planted a kiss on his lips. Then he withdrew, wide-eyed with surprise as his own actions. "I...I..." he mumbled. "I need to go." He started to walk away at a brisk pace.

Stunned, Mason watched him leave, his lips still tingling with the residual feeling of the unexpected kiss. "What the hell..." He mumbled, his anger instantly evaporated. "Kev...wait!" He started to hurry after the man, then hesitated.

Kevan was already in the turbolift, willing it to close behind him. Thankfully, it did, and he could close his eyes and wonder just what the hell had just happened.

Lt Kevan Dash
Security Officer
USS Athena

SCPO Mason Malone
Investigations Officer
pnpc Savin


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