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For any posts/arcs that are not directly relevant to the ongoing mission - particularly for times when we're on downtime between active storylines!

Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 2:00am

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Title Timeline Location
Final Flight of the Starship Warspite
by Lieutenant P’rel M.D
Operation Return, 2374. USS Warspite, Deck 3.
Boldly going
by Lieutenant Seleya Qellar PhD & Jerant van Rijn
Main Engineering
Completing the Circle
by Lieutenant Ausra Danton & Jerant van Rijn
MD 3 Random
"Flashback Trouble"
by Lieutenant Savin
Counselor's Office
What's Up Doc?
by Lieutenant Noah Reed M.D. & Lieutenant Dessame Sar
MD-02 1030 Hours Deck 7 - Main Sickbay
A Call From Home
by Lieutenant Dessame Sar
Before Launch - Random Day, 1930 Hours Security Offices, Deck 7
A Little More About You
by Lieutenant Dessame Sar
1700 Hours Mess Hall, Deck 2
Checking In
by Lieutenant Dessame Sar
MD1 CTSO's Office
New Start
by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mason Malone & Lieutenant Dessame Sar
USS Athena
Old times
by Lieutenant Leah Bailey
MD-00 Dionysus Bar

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