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Lieutenant Dessame Sar

Name Dessame Sar

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Athletic body with scar tissue on her back and inner thighs. Has the usual appearance of a Betazed but darker skin than most, her eyes are a deep dark brown rather than typical black.


Father Aacril Sar (42) - Landscaper (Deceased)
Mother Jeani Sar (40) - Colony Leader (Deceased)
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) Ubil Sar (22) - Counsellor
Other Family Maternal Grandparents: Peloni Yelger (66)/Ruran Yelger (69) - Retired

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Telepathic skills - A great strength when assessing situations and crisis points.
Sharp Mind - Even without telepathy she is a great asset in a fight and good tactician.

Doesn't like physical contact too much, unless with someone she knows well and trusts.
Can at times be overly emotional on subjects that hit close to home.
Ambitions To find and kill Chubster, albeit that is on the back-burner at the moment.
To serve and protect her crew.
Hobbies & Interests Keep herself fit and able for anything, as such she frequently visits the gym. She has also taken to doing some yoga styled activity that helps keep her calm and mentally sound.

Has a keen interest in Earth dogs and would love to have one. Also has a thing for looking too much into Orion related topics.

Personal History Dessame was born on Kolacia, a colony on the outskirts of Orion space. It was known to be a risky venture, one filled with potential gain, a rich planet full of resources but also being close to the Orions full of danger. Her parents, Jeani Sar, her mother and the colony’s leader, and her father Aacril Sar, a former Starfleet marine turned landscaper, set off on this adventure sure that it would turn into one for the history books. A taming of an unruly world, like something out of an adventure novel.

She had a younger sister, Ubil, with whom she was close too and still is to this day. They would venture off into the local woods looking for mysteries and treasures that they read about or heard about from local traders or off world visitors.

For a time, it was one of the best upbringings they could have ever imagined.
The colony grew under her mother’s wise leadership and her fathers ‘green thumb’. They were known to all and respected as a family who always gives back what they get. Dessame had been known at a young age to help in the fields for food production and was a dap hand at helping the tailors making clothes.

At the age of 15 the sky turned red. Ships descended onto Kolacia and they weren’t there for trade. It was the Orions and they cut through the orbital defences like they never existed, in truth they were never made to handle a small group of excessively offensive ships. Screams filled air as her mother hid Dessame and Ubil in her office as she knew they would head for the colony’s leadership centre. Jeani told them they would be safe if they were quiet, but she had to go and help defend the colony. Dessame understood why but still was terrified at being left to fend for herself and her sister.

They waited what seemed like an eternity before the doors of her mother’s office were blasted open. Smoke cleared to reveal a large, obese Orion waddling in to survey the area before a slender built woman followed.

Dessame tried to keep her sister quiet, but could feel the fear, hear the thoughts of unbridled terror running through the 11-year olds mind. It wasn’t long before she let out a noise that led to them getting caught. The hefty Orion ripped the doors from their seams and yanked them both out by their arms and smiled sleazily. Dessame kicked him in the groin and he let them go, she covered for her sister quickly as she fled but was unable to get out herself. Over the next few hours she was whipped, beaten and subjected to Orion made torture which usually subjugated on her maturing female body.

Most of the Orions had taken their prizes but these stayed merely to see if they could break her it seemed, but she held firm. Through the cries for help, screams of agony and tears of abuse no-one came. Then they left her there, alone and broken to die on her own.

Soon after their departure her sister reappeared a bit scratched and bruised but held her older sister close as she shook with shock.

Starfleet would soon appear to ‘help’ but only could pick up the pieces of those stragglers that were left behind, those that survived.


Both children were placed back on Betazed with other family, notably the grandparents of her mother, but Dessame had to see counsellors and therapists over her ordeal at the hands of Chubster. She vowed to find him and repay what he had done back to him.

She entered Starfleet, security, and tactical track as it seemed like the best way to learn skills to find him and see how he liked it. She managed to get through her Psychological exam due to her Betazoid telepathic skills. Ever tried to work out the mind of someone who can read yours?

She was posted on the USS Poseidon at the age of 22, just out of the Academy. This ship was tasked with hunting down Orion pirates so naturally she put in her transfer straight out of the Academy just to get on that. However, during her posting she soon realised whilst talking to other officers whom had similar experiences either with the Dominion or some other far out colony worlds that she was not alone. She mellowed, somewhat.

By the age of 25 she’d made Assistant Chief of Security due to her exemplary work in fighting off Nausican pirates when they boarded the ship during a firefight. She protected engineering down to the last person, that being her.

She made a lot of friends on the Poseidon, friends she will never forget but it was time to move on. 5 years of pirate chasing and never finding her target had made her think she never would and she had begun to let it go a little even if the physical scars still reminded her every day, not to mention the mental ones that she kept shielded.

The USS Athena was looking for a Chief Security/Tactical Officer, a Prometheus class filled with all kind of fancy technologies and the stage for her to build upon her career and to possibly start living a little.